Friday, 1 June 2012

2nd Character in progress.

Got to work on the 2nd and last character for LOADED, the brother to the first character.

Yesterday I made his armature just before I went off to college so that when I got home the epoxy would be dry, but sadly it didn't because this epoxy is taking an abnormal amount of time to cure, it wasn't this slow at first as it only took about 40 minutes but now it needs over 12 hours!
So yes, 3 inch armature exact same height as the other character and is pretty much a replica of that one.

This morning I got to work on building up the first layer of clay like I did with the first character, I used the old crappy clay to build it up as it is going to be covered later anyway:

I left the ends of the wires exposed like that for a reason, it's for the flesh coloured arms which didn't work out as well when I did the build up method for them on the previous character.

And just about 10-15 minutes ago, I finished working on the head for the character, I might change the nose though:

And that is about it for now, I have a week off college this coming week so I hope to make much more progress than I have been!

See you soon, these posts are going to be more often than usual! :)

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