Saturday, 24 December 2011

Update for OGVTD!

Ok so where should i start, hmmm..

Here is the new and improved head for Guy, i got fed up with how the old one looked as i felt it didn't look badass enough, plus it was missing the pointed chin which is what makes guy stand out!

Here is a work in progress shot of the new head, this time he's got his nice big brow and pointy chin, the very original model actually had blood shot eyes but his eyes weren't as visible as the newer models, he looked sorta high. ;)

Round about here Guy is beginning to look more like the classic guy before i sculpted the blue bandanna, like he looks in this video:

And now here he is! The absolute final version of Guy, he will not last till the end of the project because of the transformation, so once the animation is done he won't look like this anymore haha, more like a twisted half demon kind of thing!

And now for the final version of the demonic replacement head for the transformed Guy:

 I replaced the generic eye with a layer of green sculpey 3, i thought it looked a little scarier, i refined the spikes a little more and added a few more spikes here and there.

Looking better eh? Well im not going to post all of the photos since this has been a very photo heavy blog post. Now for some animation experiments ive been getting up to.

Well i have been looking into animation principals, something i should have done a while back, and i have decided to test what i learnt, but before i share that here is a video of the newly planned shots.

Not bad eh? I was intending on using what i have here for the final animation but nope, decided it isn't good enough yet!
Thats where the whole principals come in, here are two videos of me practising some basic animation principals:

Now this is more like it, this is the kind of quality im after in OGVTD!

All right i think that's enough for this update, so for now, stay tuned and look out for more experiments and tests!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

One more week to go till Christmas holidays!

Hey guys, chirstmas is approaching and you know what that means? Time off college! And do you know what that means!? Time to animate OGVTD!

So yeah, Thursday is the last day until about the 3rd of January so that gives me plenty of time to animate and work on OGVTD even more. With me having to go to college ive been trying my best not to fall behind and lose that motivation i had at the start, so ive been working especially hard at college to get my work done whilst my project remains unfinished at home waiting patiently for me to get back to it.

My next step into this project is literally to start animating the first half that i have storyboarded before i go any further, ive managed to get the perfect look for my demonic head but that wont be the only thing changing about guy in the animation, he'll have some scales and demonic looking spikes to go along with the transformation, that's as far as i have got in terms of what i have planned, everything after the transformation is blank but will most likely consist of a badass demon kicking some undead tail! So the first scene is very slow moving and emotionally draining, hopefully get the viewers to feel the pain guy is in, it will pick up as the first zombie enters the scene, the whole suicide scene would take place before the first zombie comes in but like i said in a previous post, im still not sure whether i should use that or not. When the first zombie enters the desperation will kick in but even more so when the second zombie comes along, after both are dead this is when the transformation kicks in as guy's stress and depression levels are building even higher, more zombies approach and the stress levels get even higher which leads onto the transformation...