Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Almost ready to animate.

Hey guys! Made lots of progress since my last blog post!

I got the storyboard done, plenty of good shots on there that put this weird grin on my face every time I look at them, some I'm not sure about but it all depends on how it looks and how it works in the animation, I have other ideas stuffed up my sleeve which I'm ready to pull out if a specific shot doesn't look right.

Since I wont be messing around making loads of armatures for my characters, the character wont take long to finish. I don't plan on finishing the characters today as I'll be spending today cleaning and throwing out some old things I've had since I was a kid to make room for other cool things, I have three or four character done though, all of which were done in one sitting, except one character that I made before I finalized this project idea, that character was what gave me the idea for the project.

I may as well throw up some pictures here so this isn't too boring, nothing special though. It's just the usual stuff you see from me, which is the whole point here, trying to master a specific style before I take too much of a step forward into other styles.

I changed the four legged creature a little because I wasn't happy with it, the eye was annoying and it ended up getting "Smushed" into the clay, so he has a tongue instead. The dead guy actually has an armature, you may be wondering why? That, will have to wait.

Hopefully there is a familiar type of vibe going on here, but if not that's also good because then whilst it feels familiar and fun to me it will be fresh for you guys!

If I wasn't planning on cleaning up today, I would have got the rest of the characters done and then the following day I would be animating, I'm not messing around with this project as you can see, trying to get it done properly rather than starting it, then losing interest and coming back to it weeks later, I have done that enough times.

That's all I have to share for now, this is going to be the last update on my blog till I finish the animation. I have shared enough information and pictures for now, if I share any more then the whole viewing experience will not be as fun!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Something fun!

Hey guys, in the last blog post I talked about how I had become bored and annoyed with LOADED. I wasn't having fun with and I didn't want to work on the project whilst I was bored, but I still wanted to be working on an animation even though I said I was going to stop thinking about it for a little while. Well, I did manage to take my mind off of the project and I did have a slight moment of peace and relaxation, and by slight I truly mean it.

Animation has become one of those things where I only enjoy it on occasions, I need to feel inspired to work on something other wise there isn't any point. Since LOADED was a project set outside of my usual comfort zone, I was taking a risk by trying something new and exciting to see if it would work out. Well it quite obviously didn't, yet. If I just pumped it out and got it done, it would be pretty good, I was very happy with the story too. So basically, the project is officially on HOLD, no more thinking about it until I really want to work on it.

Rather than doing nothing in terms of animation, I have started another new project to be working on for the last month or so of the summer holidays. It's going to be my usual familiar style of animation, no more stupid stories and poorly made characters. This time I'm take a step back into the comfort zone to work on a project I know will be fun since it has a very familiar yet fresh vibe to it, however, I don't want to spoil this animation. Just like I did with the last one, blog updates will be completely picture related, no information on the animation it self will talked about in any blog post. There is no story to spoil like the other one, this time it's the whole concept and the surprising nature of the animation that can be spoiled. I would like you all to be able to experience it properly, I don't want to other hype it or excite any one about it but I'm sure you'll all like it if you enjoy my previous efforts.

There is one particular thing I don't want to photograph and share here on this project though, I wont say who or what but it will definitely spoil the whole surprise value of the animation!

So for now, enjoy a small demonic creature that will not play a big role in the animation!

This picture is not enough to spoil the animation thankfully, there is nothing familiar about this character either... This could be anything eh? It looks pretty simple too, simple is good and that is what this project is. It's a step up in terms of simplicity from OGVTD though, that was a very simple concept, but this one takes it a little further but not too far like LOADED.

So far I have started a storyboard and finished the main character, I'm having a tough time thinking about all the different shots.

Also one last thing before I go, the working title for the animation is "Early Battles".

And that's all for now, see you all next time! :)