Wednesday, 26 October 2011

OGVTD: Update 1: Beginning of a storyboard

Thats better eh, OGVTD (One guy vs the dead for yall who don't know)

Well, please excuse my poor inability to draw and foucs more on the concept if you can! This is the beginning of the storyboard with the first 4 shots, the illustrations don't necessarily show what's going on in that shot because of my poor drawings skills but i know what im doing so that's all, i didn't manage to get the right angles in the drawings either but that's ok because i know exactly how im doing it.

Allright so next job, before i continue with the storyboard, is to have a quick go at that first shot and see how it all looks on film before i go an further, then it's back to finishing the storyboard.

That pretty much concludes the first edition of OGVTD update blog thingy so stay tuned for the next edition where i have a go at animating the first shot and finish up the storyboarding process. The little practise of the first shot might be uploaded as a private video exclusively for the blog followers and facebookers so stay tuned!

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