General Animation FAQ

General Animation FAQ:

Q: What Camera do you use?
A: I use a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000, very cheap and it shoots in 720p HD

Q: What clay do you use?
A: I use Lewis Newplast, as i far as i know it's only available in the UK. I have heard people saying they can buy it in ireland but im not 100% sure.

Q: What Animating software do you use?
A: At the moment im using Helium Frog, a free capture program for windows. It's very high up there as one of the best free capture programs, here is a link to the official website so you can give it a try: Helium Frog Official Web Page

Q: Where do you get your sound effects?
A: Usually from here:

Q: Who or what inspires you the most?
A: Hmm funny question, a lot inspiration for me comes from watching behind the scenes of various stopmo shorts, i love to see how puppets are made too. Long (British) countryside walks inspire me too, it fills me with energy and boosts my motivation. Nature and wildlife, old rural buildings, castles, beautiful country homes and villages, i could sit here all day, i tend to like older things whether it's music or fashion, todays generation just doesn't do it for me..

Q: Why did you start animating?
A: Hmm this is quite hard to answer, all i can remember was being with my best friend, i told him about this video i saw on the internet, which was a claymation video (most likely mamshmam), this was back in 2006, i said we should try and make something like this and we found some playdoh and we filmed some very very random stuff. Im not going to go into great detail because i don't remember it all, it wasn't even that long ago and i don't really have that good of a memory when it comes to childhood memories.

Q: What do you plan on doing in the future with animation?
A: That's yet another tough question, i really want some form of career in stopmotion but it's not going to be easy, there is only one major stopmotion course in the whole of the UK. Ill need to be rolling in a lot money to move closer to the uni.