Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My first display base!

So i made my own display base, finished painting on sunday and im only just getting around to posting photos!

Now remember kids, painting warhammer is my first and original main hobby, animation didn't come around for another 3 or 4 years! And this blog isn't just for animation, i want to share everything that i do in my hobby filled life, whether it be animation, sculpture, drawing, photography, painting, miniature painting and many over crazy things.

I am taking a break from thinking about claymation, all i do is try and think of ideas and it's frustrating, im actually waiting for a decent themed claymation competition so i at least have some kind of idea to work off of. Oh yes and i start my first year at college taking a course in creative media on monday, ill let you know how it goes and if it's worth taking! This is the closet thing to animation i can do in my town, i was told on the interview that we will be doing stopmotion as a part of an animation project, all i know about the course is that we will be doing: Animation, game design and some other media related work. This is the closet thing i can do to stopmotion locally which disappoints me and i don't know if it will be worth doing a second year, it all depends on how the first one goes!

I want everyone to enjoy not just my animation, but everything i do, i don't want people coming to me and asking for more animation, that's the worse thing about having a channel dedicated to one thing. If you don't think you're going to enjoy what i put up on my channel, either don't watch it or unsubscribe, im not just an animator!

So for now that's what's going on, so here are the pictures of the display base for one of my skaven night runners!

My next project is painting a bunch of these guys in my own colour scheme:

(this is not my picture, all credit goes to the original painter!)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Started painting warhammer miniatures again!

This is the first miniature ive painted in 3-4 years, maybe more.

Im quite happy with the paint job but i couldn't flock the base because i don't have any pva glue right now, i will be continuing with this hobby but i wont be buying any new miniature until ive painted all of my old ones.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

This one will work, why? I followed a tutorial!

Got to work on yet another armature, i followed a tutorial this time because i wanted to know if it was just the way i was making them, i have never known anyone to have as many problems as i have making armatures!

I drew a very quick design for this little guy, it will be a regular man, nothing special, i think i was wasting too much time on detail before rather than the actual design of the armature. I don't know if ill use this character for anything other than testing, he will just be my test puppet for walking and fighting and all that good stuff.

I made an armature before this one which failed, so i converted it into a beast creature thing, ill probably use it for a sculpture rather than a stopmo puppet.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The wire is here, decent armatures here i come!

My armature wire has arrived, now it's time to ditch that stinky old soldering wire and move on to some much stronger wire, at least this time my armature leg wont break, god that was painful to fix and in the end i didn't even fix it..
Aaaanyways, it's time to get to work on yet another armature, which is once again going to be for testing purposes, ill update here with progress and what not like i did last time. That was a fun little project but it's a shame the wire failed to hold up the shear weight of newplast and made it close to impossible to animate, the arms were fine but the legs were horribly designed and were very difficult to animate, i blame the breakage in the leg and because of the way i tried to fix it, it made the leg a little longer than the other so that was a failure.
Well anyway i think i got a little carried away, this was only supposed to be a small blog entry but here you go, enjoy this boring photo of my armature wire.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Going deeper into a hobby

Ive been interested in sculpting for quite a while now, i occasionally sculpt characters for animation and for fun, i find sculpting out of plasticine fun but almost a waste of time, usually because the sculpture will remain sat on my shelf getting dirty and falling apart.
Anyway ive thought about stepping up from sculpting with plasticine and im going to buy some super sculpey so i can practise with that. As you probably know, sculpting is my secondary hobby, when i don't feel like animating ill be sculpting something, whether it's a ball of clay or a detailed character. Im also getting some proper armature wire for stopmotion puppets and for sculpting, another thing is, ill be able to increase my sculpting skill meaning i can get better at sculpting stopmotion puppets which is a major plus.

For now that's all i have to say, and for the project i said i was working on, i think the next blog post will be going into further detail about that, i have already started the set, yep that's right, my first set!
Ill see you in the next blog post!

Friday, 12 August 2011

The return of stress and space problem solved-ish

The stress is coming back, it's only been a week since the council shut my neighbours loud music up and they've started again, just as i start a project..College is getting closer, im starting on the 5th of september and im a little nervous and stressing out about it.

Enough of that, ive found space to work on my project so once i start making things and testing stuff out il post here with more details.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'm inspired.

I just sat down at the computer, opened up notepad and jotted down some quick ideas for some projects. I feel very very happy about these ideas, i wont share anything yet until i start working on it, all i can say is that im very excited to start this project, even if it takes me years to complete it (it wont, im exaggerating) Im going to start designing characters (on a smaller scale like a few people suggested) and writing a some what small plot, i wont be sharing anything else until i start working on it, i tend to lose interest if i run into a complication or something, i think ill start working on it on monday and if it looks ok ill let you know a little more information about the project.

And now about my channel: Ok so ive been animating for around 4 years and ive never had it in me to start a major big project, it's what ive always wanted to do but i could never do it because of the reasons in my last blog post, ive figured a somewhat room saving method out which probably will lead me to giving my tv to my bro so i can use my smaller monitor.

But for now, thats all i have to say.

Friday, 5 August 2011

What's going on as of now.

I wanted to take stopmotion to the next level but i just can't do it, why? I lack the room. Yeah that's right, i don't have the room to animate anything elaborate like i want to. Every time i think of a way to make room i run into a problem which is usually me having to sacrifice a piece of furniture or one of my televisions which i don't want to have to do even if that means ill be able to make more space for animation. Ultimately i want to be able to have my own room as well as my bedroom to use as my own mini studio, but that's not possible unless i move out or my bro moves out, none of which will be happening any time soon.
My other option is the garage but, the car is stored in the their through out winter nights so that's another plan gone to waste. My next option is to get rid of my 20 something inch computer screen, which was originally for my xbox but i could plug the computer into it as well, now i don't play the xbox im now stuck with an oversized computer monitor which my parents wont let me get rid of because of how expensive and decent it is.
I do have a smaller computer monitor but like i said my parents aren't happy about the fact of me getting rid of such a good tv. Another option is to purchase a bigger desk but by doing so i would need to get rid of the cabinet in the corner which has my box tv for older game consoles. (ps2, n64 etc.) I use this tv daily to play on the playstation, im currently playing through FFVIII, so i wouldn't be too happy about getting rid of that.

This blog post has turned into more of a rant on my own room which i apologize for, now im going to go into detail about all of the hobbies i once had and what still interest me.

-First off, i love to sculpt and create life with my own hands, your only limit is your imagination!
-I used to draw a lot too, not very much now though but i would still consider it an interest.
-Much like sculpting i like to create stopmotion puppets, in the end they hardly get used.
-I used to be obsessed with warhammer/warhammer 40k, i spent sooo much money into buying miniatures and paints it's unbelievable.
-Another hobby of mine which not a lot of people are aware of is walking, i love to walk. I could walk for hours and hours but i would much rather take a peaceful walk through the country side on my own rather than with a bunch of rowdy teens.

And that's just about it my friends, if you read all of this, thank you, if not well thanks anyway. Out of those hobbies i just listed let me know in the comment section of This Video which of those hobbies would you like to see more of on my youtube channel.