Monday, 16 September 2013

Made the move to Tumblr!

Ah these are sad times, very sad times indeed...

If you missed the last post I mentioned about potentially moving my blog to another site..

I just made the final decision to switch over to tumblr as my main blog so this page you're on now will end up being something else in the future, probably unrelated to animation all together but we'll see.

Anyway, there still isn't much activity going on, on the blog, as I don't have anything in progress as of yet which I'm sure you're sick of hearing about.

You'll probably find me sharing things that I find interesting on there as well as project updates (When I'm working on something) as well as rants, misc. thoughts and feelings on certain matters.

So here is the link, like I said, it's pretty baron and empty at the moment but it will change soon!

I hope to see you there! Have a good day. :)

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Moving, I think.

Hey guys.

I noticed that blogger is not really the greatest means of getting your projects out there due to the simple fact that this place is going under, because of places like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook gaining progressively more attention as each day goes by.

I don't post here much since I have nothing in the works at the moment, been wound up in a few things that are not fun.

College starts back soon, time is going to be cut down and it's going to be even harder to gain that motivation and interest.

But my main point is that I will be potentially moving away from blogger to something like tumblr, which I already signed up for and didn't really like, but I feel it is easier to follow people and get updates from people. On blogger there is a lot of messing around just to follow people, if you use tumblr, you're forced to see updates from people as it all shows up on the home page.

I have a facebook page, but I can't go back to facebook... I hate it, it is the very definition of depression and desperation. After being on there for a while now, I've finally grown fed up of hearing about people I don't care about, listening to people whine (Hey does that make me a hypocrite?) and moan about trivial things such as how so and so has no tooth paste left or their parents didn't get them the iPhone 5 they wanted for Christmas and sharing the photo of the broken remnants of the android phone they got instead. Yes, it's a sad, sad place.

That aside... I do believe that I'll be making the move to a place thriving with activity instead of blogger. Not sure where that is going to be just yet... But I will let you know.

Bye now, and good day to you all.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Early Battles is complete!

Hey guys' welcome to another blog post... These may be a little more frequent now that things are picking up for me personally.

Anyway, you read the title did you not? Early Battles, my stopmotion project I started in August of last year, is now fully complete and is online for your viewing pleasure.

It's been a tough time. I've had issues effecting my motivation and interest in animation so this one was tough to get done, it really shouldn't have taken anywhere near as long as it did. I had one shot remaining to animate since sometime before christmas and I just got swamped with personal issues and things that basically made it very hard for me to even want to think about working on it.

The project itself though turned out okay in the end and that's all. Its got some major flaws here and there that effected the animation but I don't want to hear about them from anyone because I know about them already, those things are; The hands in shot, changing lighting, continuity errors, flickering lines on screen. Please for the love of all orphans in the need of loving care from a pair of baboons, don't mention them to me... No but in all seriousness those things fell through into the animation due to my general lack of interest on the project and just overall laziness brought on by lack of motivation.

The animation has some of my personal best bits of animation, the part where guy slashes the grey demon character with the claw (The first one) is some of the absolute best animation I've ever done and that is the quality I was after throughout the entire video but it just wasn't happening.

I'm very glad this animation is over with, and now I can move onto more experimental projects like I previously planned on doing.

So what's next you might ask? Well, right now I'm currently working on a very short lip sync experiment, my second ever shot at it. I want to get a feel for it again and then after that I had another great idea that I'm going to keep quiet about until I think about it some more.
For my next major project that isn't a small video, I'm still not sure what to do but I get excited thinking about working on something new and unique, but every time I visualize it in my head I know it wont work when I come to working on it due to lack of certain materials and software.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'll update here soon with more info on future projects...

See you soon.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What's going on as of now. 5.0 (Second post of the year!)

Woooohooowee, man oh man, it's been a while, probably the longest I've gone without writing a blog entry!

This is the second post of the year, and we're already in April, geez!

With this blog, I like to share my thoughts and opinions on my projects, and sometimes other situations which may spring up every now and then, typically it's just animation related shenanigans that are discussed here though.

Anyway, I am back with another exciting WGOAON (What's going on as of now) which is pretty unfortunate, because these posts are usually somewhat disappointing.

So what is going on as of now, and what has been happening over the last 4 months?

Many things, mostly pretty rubbish things though. The project, Early Battles has been in the works for a little too long now and it's not been touched for months! I made a post over at Moulding Minefield ( about the current state of the project. I've basically decided to split the project into two parts. My current progress with what I have so far is this: I have a few shots left to get done, a small fight and a big fight and then the closing scene. I decided to cut the fights out, and save them for a part 2 which will be much more different to the part 1 in terms of production and style, the fights that I decided to cut out wont be how they would have been in part 1, they'll be bigger and be part of the main focus of part 2.

Soo to sum things up here, part 1 is pretty much done, one shot left to do which should take no longer than a hour to do so. Right now, I don't plan on doing it, I'm absolutely not in the mood for animation at all, that will change eventually, but for now it's going to remain unfinished until I feel like getting it done. Could be a while, then for part 2, I'm not even going to bother with that for a loooong time, I'm talking years down the road not a few weeks later or something!

I could go into more detail, but I don't think I'm going to since it's not all that important.

I thinks that's going to conclude this addition of whatever the title says, see you around.

Friday, 4 January 2013

A random character with no purpose.

Hello guys.

Decided to make a little blog post here on this fine afternoon showing this little character I made about a few weeks ago.

I had this character sat on my desk for a little while, I made a simple green character that I was going to use to practice with (And so I did) but then he was just sat there looking all lonely so I decided to add some horns and stuff to his head, I was going to paint them to give them more depth, plus they may come in handy for future projects which may need these horns. The horns are made of left over epoxy putty that I had when I mixed too much whilst working on a 3 inch armature, didn't just want to waste it.

Also, pictures were taking with my new iPod touch, the quality is great and is far nicer than my webcam!

So yeah, not much going on, just felt like sharing this dude for the sake of keeping this blog updated on a regular basis.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Feeling Inspired.

Hey guys.

A sudden surge of inspiration has hit me like a ton of bricks, not literally, that would hurt..

This however, doesn't mean I'll be jumping straight back into the project. That would be dangerous, I need to slowly ease my way back into the project by animating small segments, by practicing with a character I just made this morning for fun. (Breath!)

I want to have some real fun with these little sessions rather than trying to make over complicated messes of hell, there's still nothing worse than animating a characters legs without tie downs. That's actually one of my biggest problems when it comes to animating, since I just have a computer desk to work at I don't really want to be drilling holes through it. I think I need a stage of some kind... Actually, that's perfectly possible right now so I might get working on that soon. It'll have to be after this project though since it's all shot on my desk, it would look strange if in one shot it was on my desk and then it was randomly somewhere else in time and space.

I thought about some ideas for my next project...I don't think I'm going to jump right into another one right after this one. After a successful project, you feel a mixture of accomplishment and exhaustion, a bit of frustration sometimes when people pick at the tiniest mistakes.

So far, I seem to have given Early Battles a serious kind of feel when I talk about it, trust me guy's it's far from it! There are hands in shots, camera being knocked and all kinds of rookie mistakes, plus add that to some gory fun and you got yourself a bit of a laugh.

Now, I do want to embark on a serious project very soon but, my style stops me from being able to. The overall feel of my work is not serious or scary, but I do want to create that effect with future projects. LOADED was one of them, the characters style stood in the way though. They looked horribly childish and that makes me appear childish when I'm trying to create something "Real".

I think I'll leave it there for today. I don't know who reads this at all to be honest with you, I don't think anyone does but if you do then that makes you a pretty cool guy type thing. So keep on being cool you one person who actually enjoys me rambling about "Playdoh". It's plasticine really, this stuff:

Sunday, 16 December 2012

More Complications.

Hey guys, it feels like it's been a very long time since I posted here. I've been holding off on posting here as I don't want to disappoint people or bug them with pointless updates, I think it's time to talk.

Early Battles has been at a complete stand still for a few weeks now. I don't want to work on it at all, I just don't want to work on it at the moment, I've hit a metaphorical brick wall which has put a stop to my creativity, no motivation at all, literally. I have managed about 1 minute of animation so far, it's about half way done and I just don't have the motivation to finish it off.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to finish it though. 

This crap happens every time, I'm pretty sure it happens to other people too but they manage to get around it, I'm looking for that way right now, and it's not showing itself to me.

For the time being, I'm going to be looking for something else to do until I feel inspired and motivated. Last time this happened, I got over it quickly, let's hope this is the same!

There are valid reasons as to why I have no motivation, but I don't believe it's necessary to talk about why.

You're probably sick of this crap happening, and reading these types of blog posts. I got a bad feeling about the next blog post...

Well, that's enough so see you next time!