Friday, 7 June 2013

Early Battles is complete!

Hey guys' welcome to another blog post... These may be a little more frequent now that things are picking up for me personally.

Anyway, you read the title did you not? Early Battles, my stopmotion project I started in August of last year, is now fully complete and is online for your viewing pleasure.

It's been a tough time. I've had issues effecting my motivation and interest in animation so this one was tough to get done, it really shouldn't have taken anywhere near as long as it did. I had one shot remaining to animate since sometime before christmas and I just got swamped with personal issues and things that basically made it very hard for me to even want to think about working on it.

The project itself though turned out okay in the end and that's all. Its got some major flaws here and there that effected the animation but I don't want to hear about them from anyone because I know about them already, those things are; The hands in shot, changing lighting, continuity errors, flickering lines on screen. Please for the love of all orphans in the need of loving care from a pair of baboons, don't mention them to me... No but in all seriousness those things fell through into the animation due to my general lack of interest on the project and just overall laziness brought on by lack of motivation.

The animation has some of my personal best bits of animation, the part where guy slashes the grey demon character with the claw (The first one) is some of the absolute best animation I've ever done and that is the quality I was after throughout the entire video but it just wasn't happening.

I'm very glad this animation is over with, and now I can move onto more experimental projects like I previously planned on doing.

So what's next you might ask? Well, right now I'm currently working on a very short lip sync experiment, my second ever shot at it. I want to get a feel for it again and then after that I had another great idea that I'm going to keep quiet about until I think about it some more.
For my next major project that isn't a small video, I'm still not sure what to do but I get excited thinking about working on something new and unique, but every time I visualize it in my head I know it wont work when I come to working on it due to lack of certain materials and software.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'll update here soon with more info on future projects...

See you soon.

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