Saturday, 24 December 2011

Update for OGVTD!

Ok so where should i start, hmmm..

Here is the new and improved head for Guy, i got fed up with how the old one looked as i felt it didn't look badass enough, plus it was missing the pointed chin which is what makes guy stand out!

Here is a work in progress shot of the new head, this time he's got his nice big brow and pointy chin, the very original model actually had blood shot eyes but his eyes weren't as visible as the newer models, he looked sorta high. ;)

Round about here Guy is beginning to look more like the classic guy before i sculpted the blue bandanna, like he looks in this video:

And now here he is! The absolute final version of Guy, he will not last till the end of the project because of the transformation, so once the animation is done he won't look like this anymore haha, more like a twisted half demon kind of thing!

And now for the final version of the demonic replacement head for the transformed Guy:

 I replaced the generic eye with a layer of green sculpey 3, i thought it looked a little scarier, i refined the spikes a little more and added a few more spikes here and there.

Looking better eh? Well im not going to post all of the photos since this has been a very photo heavy blog post. Now for some animation experiments ive been getting up to.

Well i have been looking into animation principals, something i should have done a while back, and i have decided to test what i learnt, but before i share that here is a video of the newly planned shots.

Not bad eh? I was intending on using what i have here for the final animation but nope, decided it isn't good enough yet!
Thats where the whole principals come in, here are two videos of me practising some basic animation principals:

Now this is more like it, this is the kind of quality im after in OGVTD!

All right i think that's enough for this update, so for now, stay tuned and look out for more experiments and tests!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

One more week to go till Christmas holidays!

Hey guys, chirstmas is approaching and you know what that means? Time off college! And do you know what that means!? Time to animate OGVTD!

So yeah, Thursday is the last day until about the 3rd of January so that gives me plenty of time to animate and work on OGVTD even more. With me having to go to college ive been trying my best not to fall behind and lose that motivation i had at the start, so ive been working especially hard at college to get my work done whilst my project remains unfinished at home waiting patiently for me to get back to it.

My next step into this project is literally to start animating the first half that i have storyboarded before i go any further, ive managed to get the perfect look for my demonic head but that wont be the only thing changing about guy in the animation, he'll have some scales and demonic looking spikes to go along with the transformation, that's as far as i have got in terms of what i have planned, everything after the transformation is blank but will most likely consist of a badass demon kicking some undead tail! So the first scene is very slow moving and emotionally draining, hopefully get the viewers to feel the pain guy is in, it will pick up as the first zombie enters the scene, the whole suicide scene would take place before the first zombie comes in but like i said in a previous post, im still not sure whether i should use that or not. When the first zombie enters the desperation will kick in but even more so when the second zombie comes along, after both are dead this is when the transformation kicks in as guy's stress and depression levels are building even higher, more zombies approach and the stress levels get even higher which leads onto the transformation...

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Progress slowing down.

OGVTD is coming along nicely, but im still not done with prep work. Preparation is key but it's always one of those things you hate doing, you just want to jump straight in. If i jump straight into animating it wont turn out as good, i started another storyboard because the shots in the previous one could be better, i think this new one had much better shots and i just need to find the time to animate a little bit of it before i move one again.

Tomorrow is my day off college so i have all day to work on this, i just need to finish the storyboard then i can start animating a little. When i first re booted this project i was going to keep it simple with just a guy killing zombies in an epic fashion but ive come up with tons of ideas which i could use for another animation but instead ive incorporated them into OGVTD, these ideas have given the animation more of a story, it wont look like it in the end but once i get this project done im moving onto a prequel i already have planned which will then give OGVTD the story i had planned, since im the only one who knows the story for the prequel, the prequel will explain that story which will then explain the events in OGVTD, thus, giving OGVTD a story!

I keep getting new ideas for "One Guy" which will alter his appearance drastically, one thing i need to give this particular version of the character are the claws which the original model had. I don't want to stray too far away from the original design so it's kinda tough.

You see here that one guy isn't looking too happy, i hope to create a little emotion and maybe a small meaning with this animation, it's a lot harder than you think to create that!
This is the final model of one guy which will be used to animate the final thing, you see he had gone through a lot with all the wounds and what not, it's hard to see but half of his face is missing, it's hard to tell because of the colours. Anyway you can see one guy is on the edge of ending his own life right here, this idea may or may not make it into the final animation but i want to throw this scene in to add a little emotion and that whole meaning i was talking about, it just depends on how it looks in the animation.

This is my favorite picture of the original one guy model, in this photo he has some sort of shoulder hair which is from when i tried to give him a werewolf appearance for a planned animation that never saw the light of day...

The bandanna is still present in the newest model but is lacking the claws, if i go with the claws ill have to go back and change a few scenes and also the newest model isn't the same colour as the original which could be a problem, for now lets just leave this model as he is and we will call him the original concept design, im sure he will see the light of day in the future of my animations!

Anyway that's all for now, next blog post i hope to get up some animation of the new shots i have planned and      maybe another update on the newest one guy model!

See you later and thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

OGVTD: Update 2: Checking how it looks on camera.

Started drawing out a storyboard for OGVTD last week and i wanted to see how the first few shots looks on the camera, not too bad but im definatly scrapping a few of those shots.

This is my first time working with camera angles and what not in an animation so that's why i wanted ot see what it would look like.

The animation of course is rushed because i wasn't interested in the animation, just the camera angles!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

OGVTD: Update 1: Beginning of a storyboard

Thats better eh, OGVTD (One guy vs the dead for yall who don't know)

Well, please excuse my poor inability to draw and foucs more on the concept if you can! This is the beginning of the storyboard with the first 4 shots, the illustrations don't necessarily show what's going on in that shot because of my poor drawings skills but i know what im doing so that's all, i didn't manage to get the right angles in the drawings either but that's ok because i know exactly how im doing it.

Allright so next job, before i continue with the storyboard, is to have a quick go at that first shot and see how it all looks on film before i go an further, then it's back to finishing the storyboard.

That pretty much concludes the first edition of OGVTD update blog thingy so stay tuned for the next edition where i have a go at animating the first shot and finish up the storyboarding process. The little practise of the first shot might be uploaded as a private video exclusively for the blog followers and facebookers so stay tuned!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Finally done with the practise shots!

Hey there guys and gals, today was a good day. I got the last thing i wanted to practise on out of the way and im finally getting to work on One guy vs the dead, for the second time but this time i know how to plan the animation unlike last time i had no idea what i was doing.
Im not setting my self any time limit for this project, all i can say is it will be out when it's finished!

My main goals for this project is to create as much blood and gore as possible, get some good camera angles and camera movement in there rather than one static camera angle which you'll be used to seeing by now.

There are no sets for this stopmotion, just my desk but if i ever decide to create a sequel then it will probably a lot more in depth with sets and stuff.

One guy himself will be re made once again but will still keep his current apperence, he just needs an armature to stop him from losing his shape.

For now that's all i got to write, stay tuned for the next blog post which will be pictures of the storyboard!

The last practise shot, the sword attack:

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Since the last blog post about the revival of an old project, quite a lot of preparation work has gone into this project already, what your're seeing on my youtube channel at the moment are basically practise shots for the full animation, the over all quality will be much much better than the weekly videos though, trust me!

Im thinking about doing 2 or 3 more weekly test experiments then i think im ready to start the production of one guy! That'll be when i start the storyboard for this animation, then ill move onto mass producing some zombies which will unfortunately lose their lifes (again).

As you saw in the last post, i remade guy, however ill need to remake his body again after animating it so much. I might make a tiny armature for his body so he doesn't keep losing his shape.

This project shouldn't take as long as it is taking right now but because of all the preparation it's going to take some time, i wanna make sure i prepare for this one much better than other projects that just get thrown in the trash and forgotten about, this time ill know what im doing!

Anyway that's pretty much it for now, as i said, about two or three more weeks until i actually start the project properly.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Almost a whole year later....

It's coming.....One Guy Vs the Dead, the Rebirth Project.

That's right folks, it's time to revisit an old project and to revisit the most iconic character on my channel, One Guy.

More info on this project coming soon, ill probably be starting a WIP thread on Moulding minefield.

Moulding Minefield <---- Click here to go the moulding minefield forum, the old mamshmam community formed this new site whilst mamshmams forum was in active.

Enjoy some other photos:

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Todays Animation session

Today, i felt in a very good mood for animation so i sat down and did some more animation, i animated a character stabbing another character and someone punching the air!

Youtube' sub box is broken so it would be best if you follow my blog if you don't want to miss any videos from me.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

What's this then? Sequel eh?

...Coming soon, a sequel to....Im not going to say! You will have to wait and see, it's going to be a blast to animate though.

Broken sub box thing

Hey guys, i didn't animate yesterday because of 2 things:

1: I'm ill, with a cold, and ive messed my knee up, my knee has nothing to with animation but it's annoying.

2: Youtube' subscription box is messing up, i wouldn't want to upload something and you guys end up missing it.

Ill try and animate something today if i feel better so im sorry about that but i can't help being ill haha!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What's going on as of now. 2.0

Sooo, hey there guys! Figured i would write a blog post so lets get started!

So i guess this is the "sequel" to the whats going on as of now post, im going to explain what's going on and my new schedule thing.
Ok so firstly, i started college last monday and it's awesome, i only go for half a day most of the time and i have wednesdays off for the time being, ill be doing full mondays in a few weeks though. I don't feel like going into detail about the course but im doing creative media and it's a blast!

Next thing, im going to try my best to animate every friday night, whether it's 1 second or 5 minutes it doesn't matter. I have no big projects or anything planned yet but in our stopmotion unit at college we will be doing a stopmotion film for something, for our other film project ive chose to make a stopmotion so ill be doing 2 stopmo's! Most of what i animate from now on will be mainly for college, i did some other animation the other day that turned out horrible so you might see some of that soon. I have stopped painting miniatures for the time being so you wont seen any of that for a long time.
Im just trying to put as much of my free time into animation, im not the best animator in the world that's why im trying to animate every friday! I maaaay make another animation similar to the 2 guys vs the dead, that was a very simple animation, i still want to make "One guy vs the dead" but im gonna have to make another one guy puppet because the one i made before is getting all old and dusty from sitting on my shelf. There isn't enough strength in his legs either, it's hard to make him walk on his own without support so that's pretty much the biggest reason why i need to make another version.

All right, so there will be some form of animation video put on my channel every friday, im gonna try and stick to this routine! The videos i put up will most likely be the same kind of stuff i have on my channel now, when my skills advance a little further ill start making videos around a minute long which will be posted every friday, ill be working on them throughout the week and post on fridays, but for now ill be animating on friday and posting the footage after ive finished depending on how college is treating me, im pretty sure ill just be in for the morning on friday so i have the rest of the day to animate and post the finished piece.

Ok so ive gone on for long enough now and i think you get the idea so ill see you in the next blog post, or on friday!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Red Ork!?

Hey guys, just finished painting an ork warrior, however rather than the classic goblin green colour scheme, i painted my red!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

WIP Necron warrior update 2!

Finished painting the base! I made the crystals by using pieces of plastic sprue, i then pinned them with wire and glued them into the cork. I painted the crystals with dark angels green, i then dry brushed them with a mix of scorpion green and dark angles green, for the final highlight i dry brushed scorpion green. I put static grass around the bases of the crystals because there was small gaps around the edges.
The rocks are made from broken up pieces of cork which was undercoated with scorched brown, i then dry brushed it with snake bite leather and for the final highlight, i dry brushed bleached bone.
I haven't finished painting the necron, ive only just gotten the base coat done!

Friday, 2 September 2011

WIP Necron warrior with a display base!

Here is another WIP project, this time im painting a bunch of necron warriors in a desert skeletal theme, you don't see many different necrons, they're usually there normal boltgun metal with a black ink wash. However some people do get creative with their painting and come up with some pretty sick looking paint schemes!

Anyway guys here a few photos for my first necron warrior, not even close to finishing it but another 4 or so hours will be enough to finish painting him up.

(Click on the pics for a better look)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My first display base!

So i made my own display base, finished painting on sunday and im only just getting around to posting photos!

Now remember kids, painting warhammer is my first and original main hobby, animation didn't come around for another 3 or 4 years! And this blog isn't just for animation, i want to share everything that i do in my hobby filled life, whether it be animation, sculpture, drawing, photography, painting, miniature painting and many over crazy things.

I am taking a break from thinking about claymation, all i do is try and think of ideas and it's frustrating, im actually waiting for a decent themed claymation competition so i at least have some kind of idea to work off of. Oh yes and i start my first year at college taking a course in creative media on monday, ill let you know how it goes and if it's worth taking! This is the closet thing to animation i can do in my town, i was told on the interview that we will be doing stopmotion as a part of an animation project, all i know about the course is that we will be doing: Animation, game design and some other media related work. This is the closet thing i can do to stopmotion locally which disappoints me and i don't know if it will be worth doing a second year, it all depends on how the first one goes!

I want everyone to enjoy not just my animation, but everything i do, i don't want people coming to me and asking for more animation, that's the worse thing about having a channel dedicated to one thing. If you don't think you're going to enjoy what i put up on my channel, either don't watch it or unsubscribe, im not just an animator!

So for now that's what's going on, so here are the pictures of the display base for one of my skaven night runners!

My next project is painting a bunch of these guys in my own colour scheme:

(this is not my picture, all credit goes to the original painter!)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Started painting warhammer miniatures again!

This is the first miniature ive painted in 3-4 years, maybe more.

Im quite happy with the paint job but i couldn't flock the base because i don't have any pva glue right now, i will be continuing with this hobby but i wont be buying any new miniature until ive painted all of my old ones.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

This one will work, why? I followed a tutorial!

Got to work on yet another armature, i followed a tutorial this time because i wanted to know if it was just the way i was making them, i have never known anyone to have as many problems as i have making armatures!

I drew a very quick design for this little guy, it will be a regular man, nothing special, i think i was wasting too much time on detail before rather than the actual design of the armature. I don't know if ill use this character for anything other than testing, he will just be my test puppet for walking and fighting and all that good stuff.

I made an armature before this one which failed, so i converted it into a beast creature thing, ill probably use it for a sculpture rather than a stopmo puppet.