Sunday, 23 October 2011

Finally done with the practise shots!

Hey there guys and gals, today was a good day. I got the last thing i wanted to practise on out of the way and im finally getting to work on One guy vs the dead, for the second time but this time i know how to plan the animation unlike last time i had no idea what i was doing.
Im not setting my self any time limit for this project, all i can say is it will be out when it's finished!

My main goals for this project is to create as much blood and gore as possible, get some good camera angles and camera movement in there rather than one static camera angle which you'll be used to seeing by now.

There are no sets for this stopmotion, just my desk but if i ever decide to create a sequel then it will probably a lot more in depth with sets and stuff.

One guy himself will be re made once again but will still keep his current apperence, he just needs an armature to stop him from losing his shape.

For now that's all i got to write, stay tuned for the next blog post which will be pictures of the storyboard!

The last practise shot, the sword attack:

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