Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Progress slowing down.

OGVTD is coming along nicely, but im still not done with prep work. Preparation is key but it's always one of those things you hate doing, you just want to jump straight in. If i jump straight into animating it wont turn out as good, i started another storyboard because the shots in the previous one could be better, i think this new one had much better shots and i just need to find the time to animate a little bit of it before i move one again.

Tomorrow is my day off college so i have all day to work on this, i just need to finish the storyboard then i can start animating a little. When i first re booted this project i was going to keep it simple with just a guy killing zombies in an epic fashion but ive come up with tons of ideas which i could use for another animation but instead ive incorporated them into OGVTD, these ideas have given the animation more of a story, it wont look like it in the end but once i get this project done im moving onto a prequel i already have planned which will then give OGVTD the story i had planned, since im the only one who knows the story for the prequel, the prequel will explain that story which will then explain the events in OGVTD, thus, giving OGVTD a story!

I keep getting new ideas for "One Guy" which will alter his appearance drastically, one thing i need to give this particular version of the character are the claws which the original model had. I don't want to stray too far away from the original design so it's kinda tough.

You see here that one guy isn't looking too happy, i hope to create a little emotion and maybe a small meaning with this animation, it's a lot harder than you think to create that!
This is the final model of one guy which will be used to animate the final thing, you see he had gone through a lot with all the wounds and what not, it's hard to see but half of his face is missing, it's hard to tell because of the colours. Anyway you can see one guy is on the edge of ending his own life right here, this idea may or may not make it into the final animation but i want to throw this scene in to add a little emotion and that whole meaning i was talking about, it just depends on how it looks in the animation.

This is my favorite picture of the original one guy model, in this photo he has some sort of shoulder hair which is from when i tried to give him a werewolf appearance for a planned animation that never saw the light of day...

The bandanna is still present in the newest model but is lacking the claws, if i go with the claws ill have to go back and change a few scenes and also the newest model isn't the same colour as the original which could be a problem, for now lets just leave this model as he is and we will call him the original concept design, im sure he will see the light of day in the future of my animations!

Anyway that's all for now, next blog post i hope to get up some animation of the new shots i have planned and      maybe another update on the newest one guy model!

See you later and thanks for reading! :)

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