Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What's going on as of now. 2.0

Sooo, hey there guys! Figured i would write a blog post so lets get started!

So i guess this is the "sequel" to the whats going on as of now post, im going to explain what's going on and my new schedule thing.
Ok so firstly, i started college last monday and it's awesome, i only go for half a day most of the time and i have wednesdays off for the time being, ill be doing full mondays in a few weeks though. I don't feel like going into detail about the course but im doing creative media and it's a blast!

Next thing, im going to try my best to animate every friday night, whether it's 1 second or 5 minutes it doesn't matter. I have no big projects or anything planned yet but in our stopmotion unit at college we will be doing a stopmotion film for something, for our other film project ive chose to make a stopmotion so ill be doing 2 stopmo's! Most of what i animate from now on will be mainly for college, i did some other animation the other day that turned out horrible so you might see some of that soon. I have stopped painting miniatures for the time being so you wont seen any of that for a long time.
Im just trying to put as much of my free time into animation, im not the best animator in the world that's why im trying to animate every friday! I maaaay make another animation similar to the 2 guys vs the dead, that was a very simple animation, i still want to make "One guy vs the dead" but im gonna have to make another one guy puppet because the one i made before is getting all old and dusty from sitting on my shelf. There isn't enough strength in his legs either, it's hard to make him walk on his own without support so that's pretty much the biggest reason why i need to make another version.

All right, so there will be some form of animation video put on my channel every friday, im gonna try and stick to this routine! The videos i put up will most likely be the same kind of stuff i have on my channel now, when my skills advance a little further ill start making videos around a minute long which will be posted every friday, ill be working on them throughout the week and post on fridays, but for now ill be animating on friday and posting the footage after ive finished depending on how college is treating me, im pretty sure ill just be in for the morning on friday so i have the rest of the day to animate and post the finished piece.

Ok so ive gone on for long enough now and i think you get the idea so ill see you in the next blog post, or on friday!

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