Saturday, 31 August 2013

Moving, I think.

Hey guys.

I noticed that blogger is not really the greatest means of getting your projects out there due to the simple fact that this place is going under, because of places like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook gaining progressively more attention as each day goes by.

I don't post here much since I have nothing in the works at the moment, been wound up in a few things that are not fun.

College starts back soon, time is going to be cut down and it's going to be even harder to gain that motivation and interest.

But my main point is that I will be potentially moving away from blogger to something like tumblr, which I already signed up for and didn't really like, but I feel it is easier to follow people and get updates from people. On blogger there is a lot of messing around just to follow people, if you use tumblr, you're forced to see updates from people as it all shows up on the home page.

I have a facebook page, but I can't go back to facebook... I hate it, it is the very definition of depression and desperation. After being on there for a while now, I've finally grown fed up of hearing about people I don't care about, listening to people whine (Hey does that make me a hypocrite?) and moan about trivial things such as how so and so has no tooth paste left or their parents didn't get them the iPhone 5 they wanted for Christmas and sharing the photo of the broken remnants of the android phone they got instead. Yes, it's a sad, sad place.

That aside... I do believe that I'll be making the move to a place thriving with activity instead of blogger. Not sure where that is going to be just yet... But I will let you know.

Bye now, and good day to you all.

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