Friday, 4 January 2013

A random character with no purpose.

Hello guys.

Decided to make a little blog post here on this fine afternoon showing this little character I made about a few weeks ago.

I had this character sat on my desk for a little while, I made a simple green character that I was going to use to practice with (And so I did) but then he was just sat there looking all lonely so I decided to add some horns and stuff to his head, I was going to paint them to give them more depth, plus they may come in handy for future projects which may need these horns. The horns are made of left over epoxy putty that I had when I mixed too much whilst working on a 3 inch armature, didn't just want to waste it.

Also, pictures were taking with my new iPod touch, the quality is great and is far nicer than my webcam!

So yeah, not much going on, just felt like sharing this dude for the sake of keeping this blog updated on a regular basis.

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