Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The wire is here, decent armatures here i come!

My armature wire has arrived, now it's time to ditch that stinky old soldering wire and move on to some much stronger wire, at least this time my armature leg wont break, god that was painful to fix and in the end i didn't even fix it..
Aaaanyways, it's time to get to work on yet another armature, which is once again going to be for testing purposes, ill update here with progress and what not like i did last time. That was a fun little project but it's a shame the wire failed to hold up the shear weight of newplast and made it close to impossible to animate, the arms were fine but the legs were horribly designed and were very difficult to animate, i blame the breakage in the leg and because of the way i tried to fix it, it made the leg a little longer than the other so that was a failure.
Well anyway i think i got a little carried away, this was only supposed to be a small blog entry but here you go, enjoy this boring photo of my armature wire.

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