Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'm inspired.

I just sat down at the computer, opened up notepad and jotted down some quick ideas for some projects. I feel very very happy about these ideas, i wont share anything yet until i start working on it, all i can say is that im very excited to start this project, even if it takes me years to complete it (it wont, im exaggerating) Im going to start designing characters (on a smaller scale like a few people suggested) and writing a some what small plot, i wont be sharing anything else until i start working on it, i tend to lose interest if i run into a complication or something, i think ill start working on it on monday and if it looks ok ill let you know a little more information about the project.

And now about my channel: Ok so ive been animating for around 4 years and ive never had it in me to start a major big project, it's what ive always wanted to do but i could never do it because of the reasons in my last blog post, ive figured a somewhat room saving method out which probably will lead me to giving my tv to my bro so i can use my smaller monitor.

But for now, thats all i have to say.

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