Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Start of a set!

Hey guys, as I said yesterday, I immediately got to work on the set straight after yesterdays blog post.

I got to work on the window set which appears in the first few shots of the animation, the character will be looking out of the window whilst thinking to him self during a particular shot. As far as I'm concerned, this set is done, I just need a night time back drop for the windows and then It's time to work on the door way set, which like this set is just one piece of cardboard with a hole cut out of it, pretty basic.

Here I just got the character out for reference when making the windows.

Cut the windows out and put the cling film wrap over the back to replicate a nice window like surface.

And here is the character looking out into the distance, here I made a day time back drop to be place behind the windows, there will be a back drop for the night time scene too.

The lighting is poopy because the light is coming from the sun! I will of course have a better lighting set up later on, these pictures are only to show the set.

So next up is the doorway set, this is a boring one since it's basically just a door, but this is one of the most important sets in the animation!

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