Wednesday, 13 June 2012

2nd Character done and personal shenanigans.

All right, the second character has been completed after spending a few days doing nothing, well I actually finished this guy a few days back but never got around to making a blog post.

I did make a few changes in the end, one of which is the absence of the neck tie, I couldn't get it work, I actually wanted to animate it but because of the small size of the character it was very hard to think of something that wouldn't need constantly repairing. He is also missing a hand, this gives the character a kind of sinister and mysterious look. I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I see a person who is missing limbs, I find them to be mysterious as I'm interested to know how they lost their limbs. I mean no disrespect but it's just something interesting I feel.

2 of the 3 character complete, the third one will never appear though. He is just there for the sake of the story!

Well guys, these past few weeks have been interesting, in a bad way. Things just keep getting in the way, smalls things. Small things that if you put up with for long enough, turn into big things that drive you absolutely crazy to the point where you feel like a different person when you step away from it. And then things get better for a day and you feel real happy and relaxed but the next day ends up being like hell.
I really need a break from this house and town, other wise my head is just going to explode due to stress. When I get stressed, it doesn't show because I don't show it, i'm almost ashamed to be stressed out about the things I am stressed out about, they're very small things to other people but to me? Wow, I've exposed my self to too much of these weird little, annoying things. Instead of getting away from them, I just try to put up with it and now I kind of regret doing so.

And the worse thing about these "Little things" is that they always get in my way when I'm about to do something productive. Yesterday I sat down and picked the guitar up to play, I become distracted by the people in my area who just magically know that I have picked up my guitar to play, perfect timing. But this isn't just one time. It's almost every time I'm about to do something, I'll sit down to work on some animation and it'll happen, I'll sit down to try and relax with a video game and it'l happen again. The only time it will not happen is when I'm outdoors or at college or something, but I'm not much of a outdoors guy so I only really go out when I need to. If I have been outdoors and I come home to find these "Little things" going on, it doesn't bother me as much than it would if I was already in the house whilst it was going on.

This had become so much of problem that it actually emotionally drains me when I think about it, I feel regret churning inside my mind and it makes me sick. It's like I've been traumatised, without the whole trauma thing. It's confusing and I think I should seek help or seek a break of some kind from my home.

Does anyone have any tips to battle stress and relax? If you do hit me up on facebook or something:

Sorry for the bad stuff here, just thought I would let you know what's going on and why the project is moving along so slowly, I have the time to work, just don't have right "Head on" at the moment, I need my "Creative and doesn't care about what's going on around him" head on.

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