Sunday, 24 June 2012

LOADED: Update thing.

Quick little update type thing, I pretty much finished the set and I wont be posting the finished pictures of the set since there is nothing to look at besides a white wall.

Yesterday, I tried recording the voices but my current mic just would not let me, the mic I have is built into my Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 and like I said before, this camera is kind of broken. It actually bugged up my computer yesterday after trying to record and it corrupted my iTunes for some reason, nothing else could have caused it so I am NOT using this camera ever again after that whole failure, I spent almost my whole birthday importing my CD's back into iTunes again so I wasn't very happy, I could have done it another day but I needed that music to keep me sane.

So yeah, that sucks huge soggy genitals. I am getting a new camera though so no worries, already decided on one just waiting for confirmation from my parents to let me buy it from amazon.

Everything is done but the voices and the animation, and a little bit on the set. I wanted to animate the shots which didn't have any dialogue to get them done now whilst I am waiting for better audio quality but I am too afraid to even plug that camera in again! Luckily this new webcam I am getting has a built in mic, which should be better than my current one which doesn't even record sound due to a sound card conflict caused by some compatibility issue. Everything would be fine if my desktop computer hadn't pooped out on me, but it was a pretty bad computer that lasted me at least 6-7 years so I can't complain about that. If I find the money to replace the motherboard then I can get that thing going again just so I have a backup computer.

Current Status of this project = On halt until I get new webcam, will finish set during this wait but that will take literally 10-15 minutes.

See you in the next blog post which will be...... I actually don't know!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Joe. Good luck with the camera and mic :)