Tuesday, 29 May 2012

One character finally finished!

Before I start, this is the same character I was working on before, he turned out too bulky and hard because of the old blue clay I was using. So that was pretty stupid on my part.

Phew, it was a bad idea filming my self make this character as that meant I had to find the time and privacy to sit down and film as well as make the character, I hate having people around me when I'm trying to work on something!

Well anyway, one of the two characters is now done, should have only took about 2 days but yeah. Here are the 4 videos which I uploaded with me making the character!

So after all that was out of the way, we got some pretty hot weather here in the UK for once and my room is the hottest in the house during the summer (coldest during the winter too) and the character was just too soft to animate. The weather is still hot so I thought screw this, I need to get some animation done and so I did:

Nothing spectacular, as none of my test videos are, just trying him out and seeing how well this mini armature is working out..... And oh yes, it works perfectly! Not come across any problems with the armature yet but the clay is still way too soft for animation, may have to stick it in the fridge before I animate the actual animation.

As for other news, I started a storyboard which is actually almost complete, just haven't picked it up in a few days as I honestly can't even be bothered doing anything in my room without air conditioning. I also started writing out a script, it's looking good but the only problem is that I can't do lip sync this time since the characters are so small, it would be way too fiddly!

Annnnd, here is a picture of the character which I should have posted when I finished making him rather than waiting for the weather to cool down:

He isn't anything special but he is easy to animate compared to my other characters, his feet wont be in shot most of the time so they're not a problem.

And that's about all I have to share with you guys for now, just please be patient with me! :)

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