Monday, 7 May 2012

LOADED: Starting a character.

As you can see by the title of this post, a name has been decided! LOADED, it stands for two very important things which are seen in the animation. It's up to you to figure that one out though!

I decided the next step would be to start actually making characters, that way I can get a better idea on how big the set is going to be. The set is basically just a backdrop and a floor, which resembles a run down old looking apartment. But before I get working a set, I need to decide on all the shots so I can build the set/or sets, around that plan!

Anyway, the first character I decided to make is the first of the two brothers:

Got all the clay I used for the zombies in OGVTD and made the basic body shape, it will be covered later so it doesn't matter what it looks like.

Building up the t-shirt here

 Just putting the head there to double check the proportions are ok, still need to work on that head!

And then this morning, I ran into a bit of a problem, the light blue clay I used here is part of the first ever batch of newplast that I ever bought, all the clay I bought back then was very hard compared to how the new stuff is. When it gets cold it will crack as you move it and that is what I had to discover this morning, I did figure a way around it though which meant I had to change up the design a little bit.

Sooo, I cut off the arms which which were made of the blue clay, I could have replaced the t-shirt with a softer and newer colour of newplast but I would rather keep the colour and change the design a bit since I need to use up this blue stuff anyway.

Then I cut into the area where the arms were to create a slot for the new fleshy arms to go into.

Here I just put the basic fleshy arms into place and sculpted a little rim thing around the edge of the sleeve.
I wasn't sure whether I liked this as much as the original at first but it's beginning to grow on me, at least the arms are now moveable and animate-able!

So that's about it for now! Got a start on the first character, decided on a name for the animation! (LOADED)

See you in the next update!

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  1. wow looks great, you put so much more effort into your claymen than me XD