Saturday, 28 April 2012

The 2nd Character.

Hey there guys, been fairly busy, by which I mean I have been procrastinating.

But yeah, first year of college is almost over and that will probably give me A LOT of free time, not that I don't have enough free time already I just never spend it productively, and if I know I don't have college work to be stressing over then all shall be good.

( I had actually just written out below here about the main character based on me but decided to delete it since it spoils the whole point, basically there is a secret hidden within this animation that no one but me and my absolute closest friends would know, if you have read my thread on moulding minefield then you would know but that is all I am ever going to say about this little secret, also the secret within the animation is kind of personal, and is basically something I put in there for my self and the people who know me the best, the rest of the animation, story, characters is for you guys, the audience!)

This drawing is enough for me to get the general idea for the character in my head using my own style of sculpting, except it'll be much darker because I can't draw like that haha.

Well, I had planned on this being a big post with all those spoilers but I decided to cut them out!

See you all in the next post!

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