Sunday, 22 July 2012

What's going on as of now. 4.0

Greetings fellow animators and people who happen to be following this blog!

This is the fourth addition to the "Whats going on?" blog post series type thing and I will be talking about what I'm up to right now with my current animation project; LOADED.

All right so where do I begin.

I know! Let's start with how I have not done any work on this project during the summer holidays!
Okay, so in the last post I talked about how I wasn't happy with the characters and how I wasn't finding them fun, but annoying to work with. So then I went on to re make them one last time by making two more armatures, that's as far as I have gotten. Well I did get a little build up done on one character but I'm still not happy with it... This is annoying, but I think I can work on the character a little more to get it looking a little more "Dashing" so to speak.

I'm not feeling animation at the moment, I straight up don't want to work on any animation, I'm not calling off the project and canceling it as I would with any other project though. Just need to wait until that feeling comes back. During this time of lack of motivation/inspiration, I have begun playing the guitar after stopping many years ago, and by many years ago I mean about 7 years ago. Music has actually become a very big part of my life since April, something hit during that month and now I regret telling people that I wasn't interested in music a while back!

So yes, I need to take a little time off animation, I need to stop thinking about it and focus on music, sculpting or drawing until I feel inspired. I'm not going to force this project out if I don't feel like working on it, and if that inspiration is not there then this project will remain unfinished until inspiration comes back. No good doing something if you're not having fun with it, it will look like crap if I force it out now (Ew that sounded kind of wrong) so lets just be patient!

This happens all the time guys, I'll be back into the swing of things soon!

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