Thursday, 5 July 2012

No dialogue?

Hey guys, I have just come to realize something. Well, you're all probably fed up of hearing about my webcam by now, but I just can't find the silence to record voices. It's literally never quiet enough to record and it's very frustrating! The camera is still not working right, I'm getting the "USB device not recognized" message, sometimes it will work and other times it wont, I'm beginning to wonder whether it is the device or the USB driver thing in my computer.

"Hey Bagi, why don't you just buy a new camera?"

I want to, but I don't want to. I want to get my camera working because the camera itself is fine, just the USB and it might not even be the USB on the camera that's broken, it could be my computer. If I buy a new camera, which I can do very easily, I might end up finding out that I have the same problem with it not being recognized, I can always return the camera I guess. Hmm, enough of that, onto what this post was meant for.

All right, so I have realized something, and that something is a major change in this project. And that is to not have any voices! What? After all that work and you're not bothering with voices? I've realized that this will be for the better, firstly I can't even find anywhere quiet to record, and secondly this will actually be closer to the over all feel that I was after at the beginning of the project. It wasn't originally going to have voices but I decided to have voices so people would understand the story a little more. I realized that the actions in the animation are enough for the audience to understand, not only will it be easier for me but it will also look better in the end.

Whilst writing that, I decided I'm going to try out the camera one more time and if I get the error message then I'm going to blow £30 on a new camera, even if I still get the message with the new camera, at least I'll have a better camera in the end! Just gotta install the camera into another drive, in fact I'm going to try that with my Quickcam and I'll see what happens.

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