Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I have come across a slight complication which is sapping all of the fun away from the project. You all know how much I enjoy animating those characters I make for projects like OGVTD, I mean those are my signature style and it's just how my characters look when I make them. But for this project, for the sake of style, I stepped outside of my comfort zone when it came to making characters, I instead made clothes and hair for my characters. This is what I don't enjoy, for some reason it doesn't feel fun animating these slightly more detailed characters!

These characters are easily ruined, the colours smudge together and they get dirty easy. I don't even think they look as good as my simple "Guy" style characters so that's why I whipped up two new armatures and started working on making the characters how I should have done in the first place. The only difference is the armatures, but one thing I have learnt from the old characters is that they can really help!

My last animation project really shaped my style and it came out exactly like I saw it in my head, this current project seems to be really weird, I should have never stepped outside of my style just to create a story and better characters, OGVTD had a really fun smooth flow to it when I was making it, this project feels like an awkward bumpy ride into another style that doesn't really work out well. I'm telling you now, I wont be making anything like this, I'll be going back to the fun, but dark ideas. This project is dark in terms of style, but it's far from fun at the moment, it's this whole story and characters thing that just isn't working out very well for me, I just hope it turns out good in the end and if not then I will be moving away from the silly sets and stories to go back to the things I like making.

That doesn't mean tabletop fighting or whatever though, I just mean back to the normal characters and minimal set usage.

Well, here are the two new armatures made at the same size as the last two:

Got a bit of clay slapped on one of the characters the other day but I haven't touched it since as I have been thinking about doing certain things.

Tune in next time to see the third version of these characters! This is becoming a theme now, the same thing happened with One Guy Vs The Dead!

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