Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Finally! Things are looking up!

Hey guys, things are starting to look up!

As you know, I've been farting around trying to get my hands on a new camera whilst trying to find money from somewhere. I finally got around to it, got the money and I know what I want, I'm buying it tonight and I don't know when to expect it arriving, but man I'm so happy to have finally found what I need!

This long absence has been very good for my creative mind, I have not been thinking about "Early Battles" at all since I stopped and I have become very excited and happy about the project, I was thinking about the animation too much and I wasn't having much fun with animation since I was having a few problems, but now is probably the best time to get cracking with some animation. Got tons of new ideas, tons of inspiration and maybe even some new skills?

Well anyway, once camera get's here I will be animating something as soon as I am given the chance, either straight after college or on the weekend, very excited to get on with something.

I have also managed to "Acquire" a copy of Flash, already been drawing and messing around. I want to make a sprite animation with the sprites I have been making at college during free time and breaks and I also want to make some completely original ideas in flash, don't have any ideas for that yet but when inspiration strikes I'll get to work on it. I'll just have to look at some tutorials to refresh my memories and then I'll experiment again.

I've also been drawing a lot too, I finished my 30 day drawing challenge and I think I should carry on drawing everyday but I need to be pointed in the write direction. I need ideas and help, I want to improve and I want to learn how to draw the human body correctly, just can't seem to get a hold of the right resources, I want to check in the library at college to see if I can find anything I can't find on the internet.

I have recently become very interested in forming a band, don't want to jump into that yet, I need a few more years of practice and I really want to play with some people so we can share ideas. I'm a very big fan of progressive rock/metal and this is the type of music I want to play after being inspired by many bands. This idea is rapidly turning into a huge dream of mine, never thought I would feel this way actually.

Well anyway, don't want to go on too long so I'll just make a little brief summary: Camera is coming, Got flash back (Again). And the rest isn't important.

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