Sunday, 11 March 2012

What's Going on As of Now 3.0

Well, i had planned to get personal in this blog post but i don't think that is necessary to be honest with you since i don't really think anyone cares what I'm feeling right now, you guys just want to know what im doing animation wise!

Anyways, that project i talked about in the last blog post is going to pushed back a little since i have been stopped by an invisible wall which is trying its best to take a big dump all over my creativity, i haven't animated anything since i finished OG and to be honest with you, that kind of worries me in a way. When i stop to take a short break that often leads onto this phase where i can't think of any ideas. Taking a break is the worst thing for me to do when it comes to animation!

Enough of that for now, onto the project! All right so i already talked about this project and what i wanted to do with it and now i have decided to push it back so i can concentrate on it when i get my head straight and get all my creative juice back, so instead of working on that project I'll be starting a new one similar to the weekly animations, I'll be producing a practise footage reel/compilation type thing, rather than the weekly 5 second or so videos i will be compiling practise footage and test footage into one long video. Hopefully this gets me pumped up and back into the flow of things, unfortunately, there wont be as many videos this time around like before so i'll have to keep you all posted on the blog and through facebook, twitter and youtube bulletins!

Now when i said i was going to get personal with this post, all i really wanted to talk about was some personal health problems that have been getting in my way, i wanted to speak up and get some crap off my chest but there is no real need, all you need to know is that I'm having some problems with some health scares and personal problems, no need to go into detail about it to be honest with you, unless you really want me to?

Enough of that boring old stressful crap, what really matters is my favourite hobby and how im going to eventually expand it into a living! 

See you guys in the next blog post and thank you for taking your time reading!

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