Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Test Compilation Thing.

All right, today I'm going to start this sucker. A lot of what this is going to be is me just messing around with what I can and can't do with animation up to now. I want to finally get my characters jumping, full on fighting and some kind of acrobatics. Actually, fighting isn't such a big deal since I don't have any fight related animations planned until the next instalment in the One Guy Vs: series. I have a lot planned for that in the future but for now I'm leaving it alone as I'm quite honestly sick of it after how long it took to do, I'll talk about that later in the post actually.

So anyway, the test reel, compilation thing is something I want to do regularly. It's something I am just going to make by using practise footage, whenever I animate something it'll get thrown into the compilation. As you probably know, I like to post everything I animate because I like you guys to see how I am improving but now I feel like I need to be entertaining you. When I made "BagiClaymations", the whole idea behind the channel was just something for me to look back on and to see how well I have improved, I used the channel as a way to show you what I have been doing and to hopefully receive some critique. There aren't many other younger animators out there who post everything they do, at least as far as I know, but now I actually want to entertain people as well as provide some kind of progress so that's why I'm creating the test compilation, as an easy source of entertainment and good practise and progress.

So from here on, I am here to entertain you rather than update you. The channel is changing, if I start a project and it turns out crap then it's going straight into the test compilation, anything I would usually just put straight up on the channel will be thrown into the compilation. I want bigger projects to eventually be more frequent, OGVTD was my first successful project in the 5 or 6 years of animating I have done, but the amount of project I started and never finished is ridiculous!

All right, time for some quick new on OGVTD, back in November 2010 when I first came up with the character I said i wanted him to have his own series which would be my first major project, the series would simply be One Guy vs whatever random thing comes to me, the two I originally thought of was the dead and Hell, Dead being the first one that I thought of though.
Then much later on in around October or November 2011 when I made the 3rd version of Guy, I got the whole story line idea with the whole backstory and prequel type thing going on. As much as I like having a story and such, I think I'll stick to the VS series with Guy versus random things, each one being different in terms of style and setting rather than just the desk.
BUT! That will have to wait for a while now, I have all the time in the world to animate things but I'm putting Guy to rest like I said earlier. I suspect that he will be making a return some time next year in a new fight versus something other than the dead, the whole story concept is going to be them main inspiration for the other project I have been talking about which I wanted to write a deep story for.

Phew, that's quite enough writing for now, I think you get the idea. Guy returns in 2013, Test compilations will be my new way of showing progress.

If you made it this far then thanks for reading! See you in the next blog post! :)

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