Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Not far from finished now.

Well this project is coming along very slowly but each time i get to work on i do manage to make a a lot of progress, if i was working on this daily it would have only taken a week to finish but since i have a few other hobbies that conflict with animation it can be a little annoying, right now i am just using Wednesday, which is my day off, to work on it.

Anyway here is the trailer i made, i hope i haven't hyped up this project too much!

I made the trailer using the very first scene in the animation which i animated just before i made the trailer. Also a quick fun fact; I have been using WMM since 2006 and only now have i figured out how to cut and trim video footage, i know I'm pathetic..

So yeah, next up on my list of things to animate is the very next scene which is the entrance of the second un dead monster (Zombie, in other words) which Guy obliterates with a gun shot, another zombie enters the scene and the pistol locks up (Reference to the 2 Guy's vs the Dead video) and draws the rusty old sword which then leads onto Guy slicing and dicing the zombie. The next scene is what i refer to as the best one, the un dead creatures get back up on their feet and surround Guy leaving him pretty hopeless with a blunt rusty sword, he feels the pressure and Guy's eye radiates a bright red glow and the transformation begins! And the final scene is total chaos, demon Guy tears through the zombies and escapes into the distance. What's next you might ask? Well, for now that is my little secret!

So what IS next? Well i wont be animating another project after this one, not for a while anyway, i want to get back to painting miniatures for a bit to refresh my mind. I think ill also go back to weekly experiments again when i start the next project! I do have a few ideas for my next animation project but ill tell you now that i wont be working on any more OGVTD related projects for a looong time, not because it's boring because it is definitely not boring! But it is time for a few fresh ideas!

For now that's all and ill see you in the next blog post!

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